We Use Psychology, People Analytics & Human-Centred Design to help organisations ignite growth, uplift productivity & transform their businesses through their people




Our approach to culture leverages unique organisational strengths to grow five critical conditions that create sustained engagement, performance and innovation.  Utilising your ‘cultural influencers’ and key social dynamics, we enable fluid networks of teams to innovate and perform by developing their collective intelligence, collaborative action and composite strength.


Linking directly to organisational strategy, we help you to develop Connected Leadership throughout the organisation to deliver results.  We collaborate with you to uncover and empower dispersed leadership talent deep within teams. Working directly in their world, we take established senior leaders and dispersed leaders on transitional journeys; developing their emotional intelligence and integrated thinking.

Organisational Development

Driving strategy, coping with transformation and sustaining high growth requires an integrated and evolving OD strategy that’s fit for the future world of work.  Combining proven psychology and human-centred design, we work closely with you to build a strategy that puts your people at the centre, whilst building a strong platform for growth and productivity for the future.

How We Work

Discovery     Development    Coaching

Our work enables organisations to thrive in the face of increasing demands through the optimal cultural conditions, leadership, networks and mindsets; maximising the collaborative outputs of everyone.


Taking an in-depth view of the systemic, cultural and individual influences at work in your business, we provide you with a new way of framing your challenges that helps you pinpoint where you should start when igniting change.  Our psychological approaches and innovative people analytics enable you to see your organisation’s culture, leadership and networks of teams in a new light.  Working directly with key leaders around specific challenges, we combine the principles of human centred design thinking with rich organisational data to gain a deep, shared understanding of the people demands of your strategy and your external context and to plan how to unlock the behaviour and mind set shifts you need to deliver change.  


Development starts with building deep and shared understanding of the challenge.  Using insights from Discovery, we co-design development strategies that build energy and engagement and ownership of the challenge.


We work with senior and dispersed leaders from across your organisation to bring about shifts in the culture, transform leadership behaviour and shift peoples’ mindsets.

Human-centric design methodologies sit at the core of our approach, so that the way we work is uniquely designed for your context and in deep collaboration with your teams.  This is augmented by our research, empirical psychology and practical experience to maximise our contribution.  


A critical part of bringing about shifts in the organisation is about leaders going on a development journey themselves.  Our leadership coaching is focused on helping individuals to make personal transitions toward an integrated and empowering leadership approach that will enable them to drive inclusive, transformational change in their organisation.  We utilise a range of techniques from cognitive-behavioural to systemic coaching to help leaders gain deep insight themselves and to experiment and embed new ways of working.


All of our team hold coaching qualifications or are qualified psychologists.  They have deep experience of working with a huge range of different contexts so we can always find the right fit for the leader and the context within which they work.


Jill Williams

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An occupational psychologist and organisational development professional, Jill combines commercial insight with social and developmental psychology and a commercial focus to partner with organisations to promote innovation and sustainable growth through their leadership and talent strategies.  She specialises in enabling clients to create a culture and environment that promotes collaboration, collective learning and an ambitious mindset, whilst working with individuals to maximise their collaborative inputs and grow as leaders through individual and group coaching.  


   Passionate about working with high growth brands that value people and the planet as much as profit, Jill builds ongoing partnerships with her clients  and has experience working globally across all sectors, including technology, media, consumer goods and financial services.  Before moving into Consulting, and specialising in Leadership at Deloitte, she previously held strategic HR leadership positions at Burberry, Qubit and Michael Kors.

Jill is based in London and spends much of her spare time practising yoga and meditation, attempting to run medium distances and exploring new parts of the world.

Jonathan Stott

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A chartered psychologist, Jonathan is fascinated by social processes, culture and collaboration and their impact on organisational performance and value.  He enjoys working with the combination of people analytics and subjective data to help individuals grow and thrive in their communities of work.  With a broad footing in organisational psychology, network science and individual developmental psychology, he strives to bring unique, tailored and creative interventions to the clients he works with.

Jonathan applies deep understanding of learning and development in global organisations with strong insight into individuals and group dynamics.  With over 20 years’ diverse experience managing, leading and consulting across a broad range of private and government sectors, he has worked with hundreds of teams and organisations around the globe and helped to develop 1000’s of individuals to make significant transitions in their careers. 

Jonathan has led teams of various sizs in retail at John Lewis, in the IT sector, in the third sector and in his role as a director at Deloitte.

Jonathan is based in the South West, he is married with 2 children.  In his spare time he is chair of an Autism charity and spends lots of time in the mountains.




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